Roomdock Member Verification Process

Roomdock understands that trust comes first with home-sharing and leasing. We offer a variety of identity verification services to keep you safe. We’ll check phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, and government paperwork to get a full picture of each of our members and see how they’ll fit in to the Roomdock community. Identity verification helps us prove that each listing on our site has a real, friendly person behind it. No scams, no fakes—period.

IP Address Verification

With Roomdock’s IP address authentication, you’ll know for sure that the listings you see have real people behind them. Our team cross references the location of each user with the location of their IP address to help verify member identities. If something looks fishy, we’ll give them a call to figure out the details. Trust comes first at Roomdock—and shady listings don’t make the cut.

Email Verification

Have you ever spent days emailing someone only to find that you were speaking with a spam bot the whole time? Email scams are common these days, but Roomdock’s email verification services cut through the nonsense and ensure that all email address are valid. If you’re contacted by a member, you can trust that they’re real. And don’t worry, your email is in good hands—Roomdock will never share your email address or spam you with junk.

Phone Verification

Security is a snap with Roomdock’s phone verification service. We personally check each phone number submitted to our site with SMS text authentication—aside from helping us verify the accounts of our legitimate users, phone screening helps us detect and remove the fake profiles that litter the Internet.

Social Media Verification

No phone? No problem. Roomdock offers social media verification for your convenience and safety. Foreign travelers without cell phone plans can verify their accounts with a variety of common social media platforms. Our dedicated staff also checks each user’s public social media page to authenticate identities and get a feel for how prospective roommates will click.

Student Verification

Interested in connecting with other students at your new school? Roomdock’s student verification system checks each user’s email to ensure that it’s tied to the right university.

24/7 Member Monitoring Support

Our around-the-clock member monitoring services make sure scammers and fake accounts don’t last long on Roomdock. Our dedicated team reviews home-sharing and property listings one by one to check for suspicious activity—if a red flag goes up, the account goes down. With trust being a necessity for international travel, Roomdock has a no-tolerance policy for illegitimate profiles.

Additional International Verification

Overseas travel is complicated, and we at Roomdock want to make the process as safe as possible for all our users. Our staff reviews each user’s credentials in person, including government IDs, visa paperwork, and any other international documentation that helps us authenticate each traveler’s identity.