Your international students housing partner

International students enrich your school’s culture while providing a notable financial boost


International students prefer schools who help them with housing

Mom style support

We work with your international students to find their perfect home. Then we guide them through the housing process so they transition to your school with ease.

Buddy system

When we find your international students a home, we match them with other foreign and overseas students. This helps your international students excel in academics and feel like they belong at your school.

Protecting your students

We provide $100,000 in liability insurance to keep your international students safe. Offering this insurance will make more international students want to come to your school.

1. Discovery

Your international students make an account on Roomdock and complete our onboarding process. Then we find them a home close to campus based on unique needs and budget.

2. Document and payment collection

Through our secure platform we collect your international students’ documents and payments. We make sure they understand the lease before they sign and handle all lease mediation on their behalf.

3. Welcome to America

We arrange for your international students’ pickup from the airport so they can safely move into their new home. If your international students are staying in an apartment we activate their utilities ahead of time so their new home will be ready when they arrive.