Share your home and take multiple vacations

Safe, Compatible, Seamless, and Hassle free


Open up your home to give qualified renters a place to belong

Enjoy compatibility matching

You don’t have to lose your time and sanity looking for your ideal renter, Roomdock will find one for you. Get your spare bedroom booked for 12 months and look forward to sharing your home in harmony.

Safe sharing guarantee

In case of accidental damage, Roomdock insures your property up to $100,000 at no cost to you. We guarantee your property’s protection so you can share your home safely and with confidence.

Build trust

Never share your home with a stranger thanks to Roomdock’s free background and credit checks. Build trust with your ideal renter before they move in so you can greet them at your front door as a friend.

1. List your place

The first step to sharing your home on Roomdock is to list your place.

Once you list your place, we show it to qualified renters from all over the world.

2. Review applicants

After receiving an application, you have 48 hours to accept or decline.

Get to know your applicant by messaging or video chatting with them on our platform.

3. Screening requests

You have the option to request documents and photo ID to build trust.

You can also request a free screening report or sign a lease.

4. Receive your deposit

Receive a deposit from your applicant to confirm their reservation.

We send you the deposit 3 days after your applicant moves in.

5. Share and earn

Enjoy sharing your home while you earn money and give someone a place to belong.

Never deal with cash directly thanks to Roomdock’s secure payment system.

How does roomdock protect hosts?

Although accidents are rare on Roomdock, we insure your home for up to $100,000 in damages to keep you on the safe side. We also verify all members and let you request photo ID and screening reports from your applicants.

How do host get paid?

Renters pay rent through Roomdock’s secure online payment system so you never have to deal with cash directly. Your earnings are automatically sent to you every month.

Does Roomdock screen its members?

We screen our members to a certain extent. We verify their phone number, email address, and require a profile photo. As a Roomdock host you can request a free screening report, documents, and photo ID to build trust with your applicants.

Who can be a Roomdock host?

Anyone with a property or a room to share can become a Roomdock host. Whether you have an apartment or a whole house, you are more than welcome to create a listing on Roomdock for free.

What is the Roomdock Guarantee?

The Roomdock Guarantee is a promise we make to all our hosts so you can enjoy sharing your home. We guarantee you will always be protected by our $100,000 insurance policy and lease agreement. We also guarantee you will be 100% satisfied within 60 days or your money back, no questions asked.