The concierge service is designed for a stressed-free journey away from home

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Need help getting from the airport to your next home?

The next big hurdle in your journey abroad or to a different city is getting from the airport to your accommodations. Roomdock offers several resources to help tackle this hurdle and keep your trip stress free.

Airport Pickup.
Arriving at an airport in a new city can be scary. We will assist you in booking your transporation in get you to your next accomodation fast.
Temporary Stay.
Most apartment closes at 5pm. If you arrive later than 5pm, you won't be able to get in. We can assist you in finding a temporary stay.

Peace of mind is priceless

"The airport was different than in my country, my phone didn't work and I had no uber account either. Luckily Roomdock helps me get to my accomodation safely."

Yun Yan
China, Math Major