The concierge service is designed for a stressed-free journey away from home

  • Booking
  • Insurance
  • Transportation

We connect the dots. Just pack up your bags!

1 Property search assistance.
Looking for an accomodation away from home by yourself is tedius and unsafe. Let Roomdock do the hassle and find you a safe place where you belong.
2 Booking and lease assistance.
Most apartment rentals have a complex guidelines and requirements. Let Roomdock do the negotiation and simplify the booking process for you.
3 Money back guarantee.
Roomdock is all about helping you having great experiences. In the event we are not able to find you housing, the fee is 100% refundable.

Booking an apartment couldn't be easier!

“I was looking around on internet for housing, I couldn't find anything. Luckily the school recommended Roomdock. I love this website, the concierge services made me feel at ease”

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