Thanks for your interest in Roomdock! We're always looking to team up with other smart, detail-oriented and hard-working people.

Below are some positions and skill sets that would help take Roomdock to the next level. That said, it's certainly not limited to these roles. If you have a skill set that you think would help us out, feel free to email

We're open to a lot of different working arrangements, as well. Roomdock is a distributed team currently spread across the world. We have worked with full timers, part timers, contractors and interns.

We are looking for awesome people with specific skills, so don't be discouraged if we say no. What we really mean is, not right now.

So if you like the service, and if you are intrigued about the team and the work, please reach out and let us know!



We are looking for college students who can represent Roomdock on campus to help our students voice the housing needs.
  • Hard working, energetic fast learner
  • Familiar with school area
  • Self-motivated under minimal supervision
  • Good at verbal and written communication skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Actively involved in student organizations
  • Have basic research/ data collection skills
  • Have basic knowledge in MS Office, Google Drive, and smartphone apps
  • Familiar with social media platforms

We can offer course credits and reference letter upon request, but the internship is way more than that:
  • Flexible schedule - It is an on-campus internship. All instructions would be assigned remotely online through e-mail. You can make use of your spare time to finish the task, without interfering your school work.
  • Rewarding experience - The internship allows you to build interpersonal communication skills, have hands-on practice on sales, business development and marketing techniques, expand your social network and build relationship with the community.
  • Show your expertise - Are you a people person? Can you speak multiple languages? Are you familiar with college & teens culture? Are you an expert in PR or marketing? We would love to hear from you!
  • Potential bonus - If you can handle hard-mode tasks and make outstanding achievement in your community, we won’t hesitate to offer you a commission!

To Apply, please email us at along with your attached resume.