Your Guide to Finding Part-Time Jobs as an International Student

International Students

If you are studying abroad, having a part-time job may help you pay a few extra bills or fund some of your leisure activities. In fact, a lot of international students are also looking for part-time jobs as they are doing their studies. However, there are a number of factors to consider before you start searching for a suitable part-time job.

Working Hours

First and foremost, it is important to find out how many hours you can work part-time as an international student.  US has strict rules when it comes to working international students. If you are an undergrad, you can’t work part-time. If you are a grad student, you can work part-time but only on campus in your first year. When you reach your second year, that’s the time that you can work outside campus, given that you were granted permission by your Designated School Official (DSO). You’ll also have a maximum 20 working hours each week.

Knowing the Rules and Your Rights

Before you set out looking for a part-time job, you must know the rules and regulations in order to avoid future conflicts. You should be familiar with your rights also. Check out the following tips:

  • Find out the rules and conditions that your student visa has with regards to part-time work.
  • Just like any other workplace, be aware of your basic rights. These include the minimum wage, breaks, and safety of the work environment.

How to land a part-time job

We all know that a resume is a very important factor if you want to land a job. This is also true even if you are just looking for a part-time job. Thus, use your resume writing skills to leverage your part-time job application process. Take note that a strong resume matters to find your much needed part-time work as an international student.

In your resume, highlight your skills, your educational details, as well as experience details if there is any. Ensure that you outline all your goals and try to use language that is sharp, crisp, and to the point.

Also consider the following extra tips:

  • Try to make a status update on Facebook that ask around for part-time jobs. You can also join the right vacancy groups. Various social media sites not only Facebook can help you speed-up your search.
  • Newspapers’ job-listings is also another venue to look for.
  • Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that specializes on advertising part-time jobs. Try browsing on those. It is not only convenient to do so, it can also speed up your job search.

Your salary

Regarding your salary, it actually depends on various factors like the country you are working in, the number of hours you rendered and also the job position you applied.

All of the above-mentioned points are the part-time basics that you should know before you set out on your job hunting. As you may land a perfect part-time job, always keep in mind that your main focus is studying. Thus, it is important that you balance your work and your study well.


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