Seattle: Things to do in the University of Washington

Located in the heart of Seattle’s University District, the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle offers endless possibilities to have fun for the locals and tourists alike. It serves over 30,000 undergraduates and has a campus that boasts an extensive area of around 643 acres. While it is considered an epicenter for learning, research, the arts, and athletics, there are several fun things to do on, near, and far away from campus. The top things would definitely include the sporting events, the music scene, and exploring the downtown Seattle Within the reach from UW.

On campus

Walking on and around the campus is one of the common activities that many tourists and even students of the university enjoy. On the north side of the campus, you can witness the eclectic mansions of “Greek Row”. To the west, “The Ave.”, as they call it, features a diverse range of eateries, shops, and nightlife. Try to also visit  the university’s Botanical Gardens if you want to commune with nature.

Near the campus

From the UW campus, you can then visit the Gasworks Park which is a scenic public park overlooking Lake Union. You can simply walk or ride a bike to go there via the Burke Gilman trail.

Events and activities

The University of Washington hosts a range of cultural and sporting events in and around its campus. For example, if you want to experience its performing arts, dance, drama and musical events, Meany Hall is the typical place to go. You also have the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which offers different exhibits for children and adults. If you want intellectual ventures, the Henry Art Gallery invites you for a powerful experience of artistic invention.

The fantastic masterpiece of Ms. Ann Hamilton, as she focuses and emphasize the beautiful art found in animals and their furs displayed at the Henry Art Gallery

Meanwhile, you can also take part in Husky sports like everyone else on campus, which has so much pride in it. One of the main attractions is the football team which plays at the 72,500-seat Husky Stadium, which overlooks Lake Washington. Other university teams with proud traditions include basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and crew. If you want to watch any of these sporting events, try to visit the UW’s athletic site for information on tickets and schedules.

In the City of Seattle

A magically beautiful place where everyone can savor and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.

Get a table with a view and try the clam chowder at Pike Place Market.

  • Seattle’s local parks are also a must-see. These include the Golden Gardens, the Washington Park Arboretum, and the Magnuson.
  • Want some adventure? Have a walk or ride a bike around Green Lake, with options of 2.8 or 3.3 mile-courses.
  • Enjoy a stroll through the Fremont Sunday Market, and don’t forget the Fremont Troll as well.
  • Beth’s Cafe, which is a 24-hour diner since 1954 offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It was featured on “Man vs. Food Nation,” being home to the 12-egg omelet.
  • While music is part of Seattle’s landscape, don’t forget to see some live bands in action and one of the best venues for this is the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. It features small local bands every night.

These are only a few of the things that make Seattle a very special place for both local and international students. Whatever you want to do, see or experience, Washington will make you feel at home.

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