College Spotlight: 6 Reasons the Community College of Denver is great for International Students


Already, Roomdock is great at pairing students with great rooms, roommates and apartments.

But why stop there?

We’d love to also put some remarkable schools on your radar to help you with your college search. (We’re just great matchmakers, we suppose).

Roomdock is now partnering with the Community College of Denver, which has a vibrant downtown campus and offers more than 100 degrees and certificates to prepare you to transfer to a four-year school or give you the skills you need for your next career.

Here’s six great reasons for international students (all students really) to consider the Community College of Denver, or CCD.

1. You’ll attend classes on an urban campus and have access to top-notch amenities

The Auraria campus in downtown Denver is unique because it houses three schools: The Community College of Denver, as well as Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Colorado’s Denver campus. Many students love the energy of the downtown campus, which is still just 25 minutes or so from the foothills. The campus is also easily accessible using bus routes and the light rail system. Also, with the shared campus comes shared resources, including access to a top-notch research library. Other campus amenities include a performing arts center, an on-campus childcare center and preschool, a fitness center, a student union and a calendar full of campus events and speakers.

2. Colorado’s community colleges make it easy to transfer to four-year colleges

General education core curriculum at CCD is the same as any public college or university, so taking classes here can easily transfer with you. The college has transfer agreements with many four-year schools. Agreements between Colorado’s community colleges and four-year universities clearly articulate what credits will be accepted, making it a seamless transition should you want to earn an associate’s degree then a bachelor’s degree or simply transfer from a two-year college to a four-year university. You can find the agreements that specify which community college courses taught at the state’s community colleges will be accepted by universities here.

3. Community colleges can be more affordable

CCD offers one of the lowest tuition rates in Colorado. You can earn credits at the school before transferring to a university. Plus, many of the professors at CCD work in the fields they teach, so they bring real-world experience to the classrooms.

4. You can network outside of class

CCD International Student Services hosts events like an international tea gathering that brings domestic and international students together in a social setting. Also, the school has a student club for international students. You can follow along on Facebook and see what kind of events are hosted for international students. Past events, for example, have included a trip to Estes Park and a Chinese movie night at the Confucius Institute, a worldwide Chinese culture and language center.

5. CCD is diverse

About 200 of the campus’ students are international and they represent more than 40 nations. But CCD’s domestic student population is also diverse and the school is most diverse in the state. CCD welcomes students from all over the world to our campus—the most diverse campus in Colorado. Nearly half of the school’s students are people of color, according to the college.

6. The TOEFL requirements are lower than colleges

At CCD, you need a minimum score of 477 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or 57 on the Internet-Based test. By comparison, the University of Colorado in Boulder requires undergraduates to score an 83 on the Internet-based test if students are studying engineering, and all other majors need to have a minimum score of 75.

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