Some ways to get a green card as an international student

green card

International students leave their home country in order to study and gain knowledge abroad. But a lot of times, many of the international students decided to not go back to their home country after finishing their studies in order to pursue their dreams in a foreign land.

In the US for example, having a Green card gives you all the rights and privileges that their citizens have except voting or running for public office. This serves as your entryway to a lot of opportunities especially with regards to career. If you have a Green card, you are able to work at any place, get college financial aid, scholarships and you can live in the country indefinitely for as long as you abide their rules.

Being an international student, you already have a very big advantage as you enter into the country legally. You can then adjust your status into a Green card holder through various ways. Here are some ways to get a green card in the US as an international student:

Job sponsorship

If you already finish college, you may get a job and the company you work for may sponsor you for a Green card. This option can be difficult as the company has to fill in immigration forms and will explain why they want to hire a foreigner. They must also show that they cannot find an equally qualified American citizen to fill that particular job. If the competition is high and there are several Americans applied and qualified for that job, it is unlikely for you to get a visa. But if you have a specialized skill which is in high demand in US, then there’s a bigger chance of getting approved for Green card. For more information about Job Sponsorship visit The Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security

Marrying a US citizen or a permanent resident

This is the easiest option to get a green card. If you marry a US citizen, your spouse can sponsor you for a Green card as a family member. However, it may bring a lot of dangers to you as well especially if your intention is just to get a Green card. With this, it is better that both parties decided to have a real marriage. There’s no problem if you get married for love and with the intention of staying together as a family. As you apply for your Green card, you will then be required to show that you have a real marriage and you have to prove it to them. All of the information you need for this is also found on The Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security


If you are currently an international student in the US, you can be eligible for political asylum if there is a civil war or political upheavals in your home country and would risk your life if you return. If you are in such situation, know the different laws about political asylum. There are a lot of criteria that has to be met as well. It is also recommended that you work it out with an immigration lawyer before applying for an asylum.  For more information click here.

Military Service

On the other hand, another way is to enrol to serve in the US Military. Whether it is Army, Air force, Navy, Marines or National Guard, you can apply to get a Green card. But there’s a particular rule that states that you can’t join the Military if you do not already have a green card or work authorization. However, you may still be eligible to join even though you don’t have a green card yet if you are an international student who has been in the US for about two years. This is also true for some career fields which are in high demand by the military such as nurses, doctors, psychologists, among others. To know more about Military Services Green Card check out Military-USCIS.

Green card lottery

Another not-so-common option worth a try is the Green card lottery. The Electronic Diversity Visa lottery is being held every year. The application period is between October to November. Here, your chances of getting a visa depend on the lottery. But there are some minimum requirements like finishing high school. Also, those countries with a lot of immigrants already in the US are not eligible to apply for this one.

No matter what method you choose to follow to finally get your very own green card. Always remember to be honest to avoid getting in to trouble.

Good Luck!

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