On or off Campus: What type of housing fits you best?

New Roommates sharing things about their experiences and preferences. Happily staying together!

Staying in campus or off campus has always been a dilemma for incoming students for generations. There is no right or wrong answer to this question as many things must be considered. But here are some factors worth noting in making your decision:


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On campus housing

This is usually limited, which means you need to apply for it as soon as you can to be accommodated. But once you get the accommodation, you’ll be worry-free until your move-in day. Also, payments will be all-inclusive so you won’t have to worry about utilities, groceries, or meals.  Conveniently, it will be a short walk to your classes. However, living on-campus may be too comfortable or unrealistic for you. This might affect your ability to survive in the real world as an adult.

Off campus housing

This can be near or far from your campus, depending on the availability. Once you find an off campus housing, you should check it out to be familiar with the area before the school starts. Also, utilities can be a bit pricey. But a life on an off-campus housing is a good training ground for the real life you’ll face, where paying bills and delayed transportation is a reality. Finding a home via www.roomdock.com is the safest, most budget-friendly way to go. Their services will easily connect you with room providers who will suit your needs.


A girl looking out the place where she is staying.

An on campus facility will house a lot of students, which can sometimes be noisy. You need to adjust and be flexible as there is always the possibility that you’ll be sharing a room with another person. But this can be a great social experience for you to meet new friends.

An off campus apartment offers more privacy, although the possibility to share a room with another person is still there.


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Although your university will convince you with data that an on campus facility is cheaper, it really is not the case. Many affordable deals can be found outside of the campus. Meal plans are great only if your college is able to provide fresh, healthy food at a reasonable price. Most meals are often overpriced which will make preparing your own meal an appealing option.

Living with a roommate

New Roommates sharing things about their experiences and preferences. Happily staying together!

This experience will vary from one student to another depending on the roommate. It can be interesting if you can agree to keep an open line of communication, respect privacy, and keep schedules with chores or the use of facilities. It’s easy to find someone on campus and build a friendship, but off-campus housing might be a challenging set-up to look for a suitable roommate.

Your choice of residence for the school year comes down to your own personality. If you think you’ll do well staying in an on campus facility then do so, but if the off-campus life appeals to you, then by all means choose that option. Both housing facilities have their advantages and disadvantages, you just have to decide which one suits you best. If you make the wrong choice, take comfort in the fact that it will only be for a year, then you can start over next year.

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