Some of the Main Challenges to Consider When Studying Abroad

Studying in another country is definitely an exciting experience that would bring you into the unknown. Everything you are used to might be completely different. While it could be a lot of fun, adapting to a new environment can be overwhelming. Here are some of the main challenges of studying abroad that you have to consider to help you prepare and transition in a new country.

Fitting In

Being in another country, the student’s initial reaction is to feel like an outsider. It would be a challenge for them to adjust to the local norms, culture, language, and the food. But eventually, such problem will slowly vanish as you are adjusting to the new environment.

The Culture

Every country has its own culture. It is a significant factor to understand and accept for those who are studying abroad. These cultural differences might include things like accepted dressing and appropriate use of language to larger issues. To be prepared for this, try to read about the culture of the country you are going to. You can also talk to other international students regarding their experience with that particular country.

The Food

Food is also another consideration as every country has different food. There will be some adjustments required in the beginning. As your body will adjust to the new kind of food, there’s a possibility that you may face physical issues at first.

The Language

This may be one of the most common challenges that students face when studying abroad. It may take some time to learn a new language. However, having English as your primary language will give you some advantages as it is spoken in most countries today. It is also important for the student to try to learn the language normally spoken in that new country.

Social Life

Being away from your group of friends and family might be difficult at fist. To deal with this, try to build a new support network in your new place. Make new friends or you can join an organization in your college or university for example to make your stay in abroad more enjoyable. 

Learning Style

For those who came from Asian countries, lecture-based classes might be a common thing. They may find it uncomfortable for their learning style that in some countries, their universities usually involve seminar, group discussions, and interactive learning techniques.

Academic Expectations

With a number of challenges that students face as they study abroad, there is a possibility that their grades might drop during their initial stay at the university. For some who have high academic expectations, this can be depressing. You may take fewer credits during your first semester for you to adjust well. As much as possible, avoid getting difficult subjects or courses right in the first semester.



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