Finding Your Accommodation When Studying Abroad

The application and selection process for studying abroad could be a nerve-racking and at the same time a thrilling period.  After admission, though, you’ll start worrying about other things, like how to be at ease while having a new life on foreign lands. And one of those concerns is finding a fitting accommodation during his/ her stay.

Below are some of the things someone who plans to study abroad should mull over.

If you are totally clueless about your new home, it might be a good idea to reside in the dormitories and student residences supported by the university. Many universities in have these kinds of accommodation. You could attach your application letter with your study application or after you receive the verification for admission. This way the campus grounds would be easily accessible to you and you won’t be alone as a foreign student, not to mention cheaper than those outside the campus area.

For those who prefer private accommodations, it would be helpful to ask assistance from the university’s staff to see if they could arrange to look for other students who are interested in having a new roommate. You could also join social media student groups to get insider news on roommate deals.

You could also try looking up Student Housing online that will help you find a great place to call home and an awesome roommate to live with. If you don’t know what website to trust because of all the Student Housing sites all over the internet,  Try considering these three important things that do to satisfy international student and travellers needs.

  1. Find a site that ensures safety, privacy and security from your personal account to the place you’re going to live in and the roommate that you’re going to be with.
  2. Find a site that will help you find the roommate that matches all your preferences and likes your personality just the same
  3. Choose a site that knows exactly what you need as an International Student

If you are looking for the exact thing that roomdock offers. Sign up with Roomdock  at

While looking for a permanent residence in your chosen country, you could arrange for a temporary accommodation through student hostels or couch-surfing for your first two days in the country.

Whatever your preference is, ensure to make all your accommodation arrangements long before your arrival and choose carefully to avoid costly or uncomfortable residences.





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