Effective Ways to Deal with Homesickness

Studying abroad is exciting. Before your actual departure, you may spend so much time planning for your trip. Yet, it is somewhat ironic. The least that you expect it, you might be hit by a homesickness bug.


Anticipate Homesickness

Many students never expected the feeling of homesickness because they are too excited with their journey to study abroad. For some, they don’t even think that they will have the time to think of home because they might get so busy with their classes and meeting new friends.


However, there’s a big probability that you will find yourself missing the everyday things in your house such as comfort foods or watching your favorite TV show. You may likely find yourself that that it’s not easy to pack up your things and leave everyone you love. Remember that it is a foreign land where you are going to live for at least four months. Do your part and do a lot of mental preparation. One tip to consider is to bring a stack of photos of friends and family. Have them to brighten up your new bedroom abroad.


Keep in Touch

Meanwhile, one of the best ways to minimize homesickness is to keep in touch with friends and family at home. With our technology these days, it is not a hard thing to do. You can use email, Skype or Facebook to keep in touch. By making time to check in and catch up with your friends and family, there’s a tendency that you will talk on the phone regularly. Using your phone might get expensive, but an occasional treat for yourself is worth it.


The old-fashioned snail mail is still another way to lessen you homesickness and to keep your mood in high spirits. After your trip ends, sending and receiving postcards make for great souvenirs.


Share Your Experience with other Students

Moreover, try to talk to other students like you who are new to the country you are studying in. It is likely that their feelings have some variations of what you actually have. It might be good to talk it out and know that you are not the only one missing your friends and family back home.


All in all, try to have a positive and realistic attitude while you study abroad. That is the best way to deal with any pang of homesickness that you might encounter in a new environment.


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