The best off-campus spots to study in Boulder


Students find it essential to be in an ideal place when it comes to studying. Every student has his or her own preference and definition of a best spot to prepare for exams.  Here are some of the places that might meet your taste.

Coffee and Food

A mouth-watering image emphasizing the goodies you can have on Coffee shops while doing your school stuff or simply relaxing from a long busy day in college

For some students, coffee shops are better than libraries. Most students actually preferred the noise in the coffee shop than a very quiet library, they love the music being played, and of course the pleasure of drinking coffee while reading or typing their school reports. One of the top coffee shops they go to is the Peakoe Sip House, a cafe that has coffee, tea and the must-try drink known as boba.

A place where you can get a bite to eat is also a good place to study in. While there are a limited number of study spaces that allow food and beverages inside the campus, CU sophomore Reagan Seylhouwer studied for an evening accounting exam in Paradise Bakery and Café.

What about a plan for an all-night study or review? CU senior Pall Miller would give you good advice and recommend 28th Street’s International House of Pancakes, a 24-hour establishment with a free a wi-fi access. Miller finds the spot available at all times, even as long as he stays up to study. He added that coffee and food are really good relief from the torture of studying.

Library and its serenity

An amazing library built in one of the University, providing several books for the students.

The Norlin Library offers the best place to satisfy the students’ desire for studying with its calm and quiet atmosphere. Thanks to the Boulder Public Library, Jaime Corning was able to brush up for his evening biology final here, where it is always quiet and there’s always an available desk.

For some students, finding a good spot for studying is essential in dealing with the stress and pressure that school can bring. Maintaining a balance of keeping your focus on your studies, and helping yourself ease your concentration is possible in these spots.

Below are the top three off-campus spots to study at CU-Boulder in our list:

Atlas Purveyors

1505 Pearl St.

The front view of the Atlas Purveyors, a neighborhood one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs and one of the top places to go to when for studying.

If you are looking for a tech-geek friendly café, where you can take an extra dose of caffeine while reading a book, Atlas Purveyors is a place for you. For $99 per month, you can get unlimited drinks.

Half-Fast Subs

1215 13th St.

The inside view of the bustling sandwich shop with a patio that invites students to come in and set for subs, salads, beer & cocktails while studying.

If you seek a more noisy and social environment while studying, the presence of lively conversations and the distracting delicious smells of sandwiches in Half Fast might be just what you’re looking for.

The Cup

1521 Pearl St.

The front view of "The Cup" , a coffee shop that offers more than coffee and relaxation but satisfaction and outstanding service. A good place to go for studying too!

This coffee shop offers the usual coffee drinks and baked goods, plus a good selection of pre-made sandwiches and wrapped salads. Don’t worry about the noise from the Boulder coffee house, they will give you silence and solace in the back for your satisfaction.

So whether you are just planning to relax after a long day at school, or needs to find a place to finish a report due tomorrow. These places might be a good place for you to stay. Check them out and enjoy your time!

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