9 Transportation Options for International Students in the United States

As an international student studying in the United States, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a car. Here are Roomdock’s top 9 Transportation options for international students commuting in the United States.

  1. Public Transportation. Many cities have buses or light rail train systems, and your college may even offer a discounted monthly pass for its students. Passes are often good for unlimited rides so you can get to class and have the opportunity to explore more of your new city.
  2. Walk. The easiest and most reliable way to ensure that you will be able to get where you need to go is to walk there. Choose a place to live that is close to your school as well as stores.
  3. Taxi. Besides the classic yellow cab, most cities have app-based car services like Uber or Lyft. You can download the app and request a car to take you anywhere you need to go.
  4. Ride-Share. Some colleges have ride-share postings for their students. Even if your school doesn’t offer a student matching service, make friends. Chances are good that you’ll find someone with a car who is willing to give you a ride. As an international student making multi-cultural friendships is part of the relationship!

5. Greyhound. Take a weekend trip to another city and experience more of the states while you’re abroad. Greyhound buses transport passengers to and from every major US city.

6. Amtrak TrainsAnother great option for an extended trip away from your campus is Amtrak trains. Tickets are relatively inexpensive and most trains have dining cars and sleeping accommodations for a comfortable ride.

7. Hourly Car Rental. If you have a US driver’s license, finding an hourly rental car service (HourCar, for example) can be a great option for big grocery trips or other errands.

8. Bicycle Rentals. Many cities have bicycle rental available and stations are often near college campuses. Bike rental is usually paid by the hour or by the day.

9. Free Shuttles. Many colleges offer free shuttles to their students around the campus. Check for routes with your school and make sure you find a place to live that is near a shuttle stop.

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