Five reasons property managers near universities should list rooms on Roomdock

As a property manager – whether you’re at an apartment complex or a hostel – you know attracting quality tenants is crucial. And, if you’re in a college town, you know all too well the woes of year-after-year turnover.

Roomdock, a service that allows users to find and list rooms and apartments for free, can help you attract great renters.

Here’s 5 ways listing your rentals on Roomdock can make your job easier

1.Find long-term or short-term renters:

Whether you’re looking to rent a room for the long-term or a short-term rental to fill a gap between leases, you can find potential renters on Roomdock. But we know it’s often in your best interest to keep rooms full because every time you sign a new lease that means there’s walk-through inspections, cleaning fees, and the property is off the market for a few days and not generating revenue. We can help link you with renters who don’t want to move with the start of each school year.

2. Keep Your Rooms Full During Summer:

University towns tend to empty out in the summer months, with many students going back to their hometowns or traveling. We’re unique in that we partner with international students, many of whom are looking for 12-month leases rather than 9-month leases because they are staying around campus between the spring and fall semesters.

3.Attract Serious Students:

The last thing you want is your property to be turned into a party destination and then have the burden of fielding late-night nuisance complaints and having to clean up those Red Solo cups from the lawn on a Sunday morning. We screen roommates and query about lifestyles, including party habits. But, we also work with international students who have come to the United States for a top-notch education and take their studies seriously. In fact, more than 40 percent of the 1 million-plus international students who were studying in the United States last year were majoring in rigorous STEM fields. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

4.We’ll Handle the Background Checks:

At Roomdock, we have an integrated service that allows you to request a credit check with a potential renter’s FICO Score and TransUnion report to give you an idea at how well he or she is at paying bills on time. Plus, you’ll get a report on whether the potential renter has ever been evicted, or had any liens or financial judgments entered against the. We also run a state criminal background check and a county criminal background check. The tenant pays $24.99 for this service, which is a good deal when compared to what other agencies charge. We know you’re busy, so it’s just an easy click on your end and we’ll gather all of the information from the potential tenant over email, run the checks, and send you an easy-to-read report.

5.Promote Culture-Sharing:

The pursuit of education and cross-cultural exchanges help make university towns thrive. Carry those values through to your apartment complex or hostel. With a variety of cultures, you can build a truly unique and cosmopolitan atmosphere where tenants feel like they’re part of a community.

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