Why International Agencies abroad should refer students to Roomdock

As an international education agency, you’re sending off hundreds of kids to college—and we get that you want them to not just receive a top-notch education, but also have a great experience while studying in the United States. While the university will become like a second home (late nights studying in the library or long hours on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough in the lab), their rental near campus will offer a reprieve and be their “home away from home.” But how do you make sure they’re linked up with a great rental? Enter Roomdock.

You may have heard horror stories about scammers and bots on mass rental sites. When students are coming to the states, we want them to be focused on their classes as well as making new connections on campus not worrying about if the deposit they put down on a rental unit was part of an online scam.

Here’s 5 great reasons international agencies should consider referring Roomdock to students.

1. Roomdock was started by an international student turned entrepreneur.

The company’s founder Smith Tanny, or “Smitty,” understands, on a very personal level, the housing needs of international students. That’s because Smitty came to the United States from Indonesia at age 18 on a one-year exchange program. He had to scramble to find housing after his year was up because his home country, Indonesia, erupted into violence. You can read  here about how he made his way, despite having only $200 in his pocket and time running out on his visa. Starting Roomdock was not just Smitty’s own “American dream,” but also a way to help today’s generation of international students.

2. Roomdock cares about student’s safety

Safety is a guiding principle at Roomdock. Here, we thoroughly vet providers to make sure they’re legitimate. (Read: No students will be asked to engage in sketchy wire money transfers). Roomdock uses a smart algorithm as well as real-person interviews to make sure housing providers are who they say they are and to ensure students don’t fall victim to scams. Roomdock also does extras, like checking the IP addresses when a host submits an available room to make sure everything checks out OK. The team at Roomdock also requests a valid phone number and email from hosts and and follows up with them.

3. Roomdock eases the transition

Starting college is a big deal. Starting college in a new country is an even bigger deal. Roomdock helps ease that transition by linking students with hosts who have an interest in cultural exchange. Some hosts are eager to offer additional services, like airport pickups and campus tours, which can help students get solid footing when they step foot in the states.

4. Roomdock renters can “meet” hosts beforehand

Getting a good look at potential rental properties via photos is great. But Roomdock offers an added feature that can put students at ease before signing on to a lease agreement: Renters and hosts can have a video chat to gauge whether they’re a good fit for one another. Also, Roomdock plays matchmaker by helping link renters and hosts that have similar lifestyles. That way, night owls aren’t paired with early birds.

5. Roomdock helps address the housing crunch

Housing near campus gets snapped up quickly. Plus, many neighborhoods near colleges have historic designations,  which limits building new housing or renovating existing houses to add more space. On top of that,  between 2014 and 2020, the U.S. Education Department expects enrollment at American colleges will increase by 14 percent, or 3 million. In short: Finding housing near college campuses can be tough, but Roomdock extends the best rental options to incoming students so they can get a head start on finding housing that syncs up with the semesters.
Interested in connecting with Roomdock? Send us an email to hello@roomdock.com today!

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  • After reading this blog, I feel you are providing useful services with a supportive attitude. Basically, I’m from the US and I have come to Greece for the study purposes since 2015. When I came here, one of my friends suggested me the name of Omega Domiki’s student accommodation services. I have been living in their building since then and the organization is really understanding and ready to help anytime. While reading this article, I just found that you also offer relevant services. Some of my friends are coming here, I’m definitely going to suggest them your organization for an accommodation!!! Keep on working like this, All the best.

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