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10 Best Neighborhoods in Portland to Visit (and Stay) in 2018

Picturesque Portland, Oregon, is a lesser-known West Coast city with its own unique vibe. Offering a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, Portland is a desirable domicile for those seeking an escape from the rat race. The tranquil setting on the Willamette River allows Portland all the benefits of city life, combined with the wonder of the great outdoors. 

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9 Transportation Options for International Students in the United States

As an international student studying in the United States, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a car. Here are Roomdock’s top 9 Transportation options for international students commuting in the United States.

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How President Trump’s immigration ban affects international students — and how colleges are responding


Around the country, we’re witnessing first-person anecdotes about how President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from several Muslim-majority countries is affecting university students and scholars. The executive order signed on Jan. 27 also bans refugees.

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International students exploring U.S. job opportunities after graduation

The future may look brighter for the graduating U.S. scholars this year. However, for the over one million international students hoping to land a job after graduation may a little bit tricky and stressful. A huge fraction of this will have a finite opportunity to find a suitable american employer eager to sponsor for a working visa. Even the “elite few” would need to tackle pressing issues of finding a job rather than going back to their home country.

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Rent or own: A guide to finding the perfect housing

At times, it could make a financial sense for the college student to buy a house instead of renting. Considering the affordability factor in fnding the perfect housing, should young adults tie themselves down with a property? Whether to rent or  to buy a house it is a major decision that affects not only your financial state, but also your lifestyle, especially for students. Two options both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation

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