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Five reasons property managers near universities should list rooms on Roomdock

As a property manager – whether you’re at an apartment complex or a hostel – you know attracting quality tenants is crucial. And, if you’re in a college town, you know all too well the woes of year-after-year turnover.

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Should you hire a company to manage your rental?

propertymanagementIf you’re renting out the basement of the house you live in and that’s the only rental in your portfolio, it’s safe to say you don’t need the help of a property management company. But, there are plenty of other circumstances where it might be worth paying a company a slice of the rent revenue you collect to help manage your property.

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9 tricks for making a room in your house rent for more


You’ve decided to rent out a room in your home to bring in some extra revenue. Or, you’re looking for an investment property to rent out. A few strategic tricks and worthwhile investments will ultimately nab you higher rental rates.

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Rent or own: A guide to finding the perfect housing

At times, it could make a financial sense for the college student to buy a house instead of renting. Considering the affordability factor in fnding the perfect housing, should young adults tie themselves down with a property? Whether to rent or  to buy a house it is a major decision that affects not only your financial state, but also your lifestyle, especially for students. Two options both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation

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How to rent out a room in your home

Renting out a room involves a lot more than just placing an advertisement in the local newspaper. To rent out a room, the homeowner must follow a number of clearly defined steps to stay with local laws and regulations.

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