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10 Best Neighborhoods in Portland to Visit (and Stay) in 2018

Picturesque Portland, Oregon, is a lesser-known West Coast city with its own unique vibe. Offering a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, Portland is a desirable domicile for those seeking an escape from the rat race. The tranquil setting on the Willamette River allows Portland all the benefits of city life, combined with the wonder of the great outdoors. 

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Why International Agencies abroad should refer students to Roomdock

As an international education agency, you’re sending off hundreds of kids to college—and we get that you want them to not just receive a top-notch education, but also have a great experience while studying in the United States. While the university will become like a second home (late nights studying in the library or long hours on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough in the lab), their rental near campus will offer a reprieve and be their “home away from home.” But how do you make sure they’re linked up with a great rental? Enter Roomdock.

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Five reasons property managers near universities should list rooms on Roomdock

As a property manager – whether you’re at an apartment complex or a hostel – you know attracting quality tenants is crucial. And, if you’re in a college town, you know all too well the woes of year-after-year turnover.

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5 great reasons colleges should recommend Roomdock to students


International student life offices are a vital resource for the record-number of students who come to the United States for a world-class education. We know, in your roles as international student life professionals, you wear a lot of hats. You assist with the practicalhelping students with forms and paperwork. And, perhaps even more importantly, you help students feel at home in a new country as they pursue their education.

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