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10 ways to be successful as a Roomdock Host

10 ways to be successful roomdock host

You’ve decided to become a Roomdock host and open up a room in your home to rent to an international student studying in the United States. That’s wonderful news! We’ve covered some of the reasons it’s great to rent a room to international students in this blog post, and we’re sure you’ll create some lasting memories and maybe even strike up a new friendship.

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Should you hire a company to manage your rental?

propertymanagementIf you’re renting out the basement of the house you live in and that’s the only rental in your portfolio, it’s safe to say you don’t need the help of a property management company. But, there are plenty of other circumstances where it might be worth paying a company a slice of the rent revenue you collect to help manage your property.

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9 tricks for making a room in your house rent for more


You’ve decided to rent out a room in your home to bring in some extra revenue. Or, you’re looking for an investment property to rent out. A few strategic tricks and worthwhile investments will ultimately nab you higher rental rates.

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How to rent a room to international students

rent a room

You’ve got a spare room available — or, at least you will as soon as you move that decorative treadmill out of the way. By opening up that room for rent, you can open up an extra revenue stream. On top of that, renting to international students can foster cross-cultural exchanges. (Plus, here’s 8 great reasons to rent to international students!) Curious what steps you need to take to rent a room to international students?  

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How to host a stress-free ‘friendsgiving’

In spirit, Thanksgiving is about bringing friends and family around the table to share a feast. It’s the perfect holiday to open up your celebration to an international roommate, and perhaps other friends or students who don’t have family nearby! Fret not, your turkey  doesn’t need to come with a side of stress.

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