About Roomdock

Roomdock is a house sharing and apartment rental website designed to support the specific needs of international students. The idea was born through the vision and experience of its founder, Smith Tanny (“Smitty”), a former foreign exchange student from Indonesia.

Think of Roomdock as your all-in-one platform for an international room sharing experience. Unlike the dozens of other boring apartment-sharing websites out there these days, Roomdock brings a fresh vibe to the complexities of international travel. We won’t waste your time with complicated forms or unnecessary details—our goal is to connect you with the best roommates as easily as possible. Want to avoid smokers? No problem. Strictly vegetarian? There’s an option for that. Don’t like early mornings? You can even sort by roommate work schedule. It’s not a science, but it’s pretty darn close.

Smitty’s personal experience is the backbone of the unique value that Roomdock offers. From getting an education to finding a job to applying for scholarships, he wouldn’t have gotten far without the help and support of the host family that took him in when he first came to the United States. After establishing himself, he wanted to pay it forward by providing the same support to whomever needed it. As he himself learned, cultural exchange isn’t just about sharing your home—it’s about sharing your life.

Our Story

Our Team

Smith Tanny
Founder and CEO

Smitty is a startup addict, hacker and a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in all aspects of software development. Smitty has started several web companies including Cellmango (an online cell phone accessories), SK Wear (online clothing store) and Dynamasoft (IT Consulting serving top companies in the Fortune 500).

He has a computer science degree from Colorado Technical University and a graduate of The Founder Institute, a prestigious startup launch program for young entrepreneurs.

He came to colorado with $200 dollars in his pocket after a civil war broke off in his country and had to dodge the problems and pitfalls of international living. This firsthand experience gave him the tools he needed to bring his dream to life. Hence, Roomdock was born—the premier destination for international student travel and housing support.

Rui Li
Student Outreach Manager

Rui is a recent graduate from University of Denver with a BA in International Studies and Applied Computing. She was born and raised in China and came to the U.S. for college.

She has a good understanding of both cultures, emerged into pop cultures, and knows slangs from both Mandarin and English. Rui understands the struggle of being an international student, and how to find balance in living in a different country. She likes to help fellow international students with real life struggles, and make the best out of this study abroad experience.

Rui has a passion for different cultures and languages, enjoys meeting new people from across the world. As well as traveling, listening to music, watching sports, going to different events, watching movies and TV shows, volunteering in local and global communities.

Our Mission

Our team at Roomdock is committed to help you find a safe place to live abroad. We are part of your journey by providing you with the right guidance, network support and housing resources. We help you focus on your study while staying abroad while we take care of all of your accomodation needs. We are commited to help you find a place you are proud to call home.
Our home-sharing philosophy involves three core values:

Empowerment through Education: Knowledge is power in international travel, and we want to give you as much power as we can. Our approach to renting involves a thorough review of all the information you’ll need for your move, including details about where you’re going and with whom you’re renting. Our information-based approach to international travel will help take the risk out of your journey.

Open Communication: There’s no such thing as a “closed door” at Roomdock. Our commitment to honesty and communication is what sets us apart from the other rental sites out there. If you have any issues or concerns about your move, feel free to reach out. You aren’t alone—our team has your back every step of the way.

Privacy and Security: Roomdock takes your safety seriously. Across website security, user verification, and data privacy, we promise to keep all of your personal details secure. We at Roomdock have firsthand knowledge of how scary moving abroad can be; let our built-in security help set your mind at ease.

~ More importantly, we're loving every minute of our work and we would love you to be a part of our journey. ~