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Calling all Students, Interns, and Young Professional. Let Roomdock help you find safe and affordable housing. Whether it be a house with an extra room, an entire home, or the perfect roommate.

Let’s Get You Connected

Whether you are a room provider or someone looking for a place to live, Roomdock will guide you on this journey, taking away the obstacles of a new town and untrustworthy renters and room providers.

Make the Perfect Deal

With Roomdock as your guide, negotiations are simple and hassle free. Our listings tell you more about your potential renter and rentee. With the Roomdock Verification system, you are protected.

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Find a Place Near Campus

Get a roommate or a place of your own quickly with our integrated university search options and advanced matchmaking system.
University Integrated Search Options.

Rent Your Place or Room

Whether you’re looking for a roommate for a few months or a renter for the long-haul, we’ve got the right tools for landlords.

International Student Support

Moving to a new country is challeging. Roomdock makes your transition easier by connecting you with hosts who can offer help, guidance, and support.


Roomdock Verification

Roomdock’s identity verification system and member rating feature keeps you safe. Your personal details are kept private and on a need-to-know basis. Other sites offer no guarantees about who’s on the other side of the screen and force you to provide your personal details to strangers without really knowing who they are. More Info

No Hassle

Roomdock understands that while moving is complicated, it doesn’t have to be. With our advanced profile customization, negotiating the details of your move is a breeze. Just enter your living preferences in your profile and Roomdock’s algorithms will connect you to those most likely to meet your needs. Just tell us what you want—we’ll do the rest.

Profile Matching

Bad roommates are a thing of the past with Roomdock’s advanced matchmaking system. We sort potential roommates based on your preferences, from lifestyle, to budget, to location. Our matchmaking process ensures that you won’t just find someone to share the rent—you’ll find the friendships that help make a house a home.